Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Major Purge and Give Away

If you are looking for the PVQA BOM,  I will be posting that next Monday.  Right now I have some more pressing matters...
Well I don't think I'm a pathological hoarder but I do tend to hold onto fabric and quilt supplies in general until I am Absolutely, Positively sure that I have no use for them!

But after 20 years of quilt making in my sewing room And because I'm getting a new long arm machine, Yeah!  But the frame is a foot wider than my old one,Yikes! that's 12 square feet of space in my sewing room,   I decided it was time for a major purge!!!

So what does that mean...
-Out went the polybatting that I will never use!

-Out went almost half of my old garment fabrics!

-Out went a whole bunch of random scrap bags full of project ideas that even after incubatting for
  Oh, I don't know, maybe 15 years have not passed the idea stage...

-Out went all of the large chunks of fleece leftovers.   I thought I would someday piece them together
  to make a quilt backing, Oh Ya!

Well you get the idea.  One of the great thing about our Quilt Fair is we have the most amazing Flea Market and the committee takes donations all year long and stores them!!!  Soooo before I could change my mind all that stuff went into the back of my van where I will take it to our general meeting and Poof, storage problem solved!!!

Of course I did thin my stash some,  I've got a decent pile of  fat quarter and yardage that I decided I could live without.  Next Monday I will post a picture and offer that up as a give away! Check back then to see some fun stuff and directions.
                                                  Cheers, 'til then, CW


  1. How exciting to be getting a new long arm! I wanted one but there is just no room in our house so I got a mid-arm sit down machine, which I am very happy with. Someone is going to get some good buys at the quilt fair.

  2. Just do not purchase your goods back at the Quilt Fair! LOL

  3. I bet that feels good getting things cleared out of the way.:)

  4. what machine did you purchase? missing you and wanting to sing girl scout songs....d