Saturday, May 14, 2016

PVQA May 2016 BOM- "May Flowers"

                                                                                                                                       10.5“ unfinished
- one light to medium solid green  
- one print or batik etc. of any primary or secondary color except green

- 2 squares 6” each from the green solid
- 2 squares 6” each from the print

Sew / Cut
1- With right sides facing up stack the 6” squares; first a solid then the print, then solid then print.  You will have a stack of 4 – 6” squares all facing up.
2- Cut out the square template.  Do not cut the individual shapes yet! For folks in blogland cut a 6" square of paper.  About 2.5" from the top corner put a mark and again on the opposite bottom corner and draw a line between these two points.  should look like this...
3- Place your stack of 6” squares on the cutting mat and the template directly on top of the stack of 6” squares.
  - Place your ruler over cutting line and cut through the paper and all 4 layers.
  - Run through the cut line twice to make sure you’ve cut all 4 layers.
4- Remove the template.  Take the top “A” patch and put it on the bottom of the stack. Now you are looking at a   solid “A” patch and a Printed “B” patch.  Sew these 2 patches together.   
The next A and B are reversed- sew these 2 patches together. Repeat with the next 2 sets. Press all seams towards the print.  

The patches are at odd angles when sewn.  Just make sure the overlap on the top edge is 1/4" and your 2 patch will come out right.
5- Once these units are sewn your will see that they are slightly rectangular.  Don’t square them up yet.
  Lay out the 4 pieced units according to the picture. Match the centers of the rectangles and leave the extra length to the outside edges. With right sides together sew as you would a 4-patch.  Trim to 10.5”

This simple stack and wack technique is very useful and can be applied to many shapes.  there's a little more wastage in the trimming-up but there is a real savings in time in the cutting!
Hope you enjoy this simple fun block!  Have a great weekend!
                                                                Cheers, Claire W.

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  1. I like this shape - can imagine it in lots of contexts.