Thursday, May 5, 2016

Still in Ireland, Pix from Cliffs of Moher, Galway and Conemara

The Cliffs of Moher!
This has got to be a scene from Harry Potter?!
Looking back to the first shot (fourth out crop from the left).
Next up Galway!
Great history!
Great pedestrian shopping streets!
Great Bread (that's pretty much true everywhere in Ireland)
I could not resist to put this in, The local Singer dealer!
Galway's old port.
Conemara coast. 
The village of Roundstone.
The village of Cliften viewed from above.
Cliften castle, Looks like a midieval castle but it was built by some landed gentry in the early 1800's.

View from the castle.
Same view as above but closer.
I've taken hundreds of pix but I tried to just give you a flavor of how beautiful the west coast and it's towns are!
Cheers, Claire W.


  1. Claire, your pictures are wonderful!! Looks like an amazing trip!! Enjoy!

  2. Beautiful photos! I like seeing the towns and the bakery, along with the scenic views. Was that castle empty?

  3. Fabulous photos--your creative eye in action. Your pix make me want to go there...

  4. Being surrounded by such inspiration must have been wonderful. That is one serious cliff! Fabulous images.

  5. Great photos; you have really captured the feel of the places you are visiting - they make me want to go back there.