Thursday, December 29, 2016

More Orphan Block Finishes!

Sometimes I get gifted orphan blocks that aren't really orphan blocks!  They come in a baggies.  Related half sewn blocks and scraps, left overs from projects.  This quilt began from such a baggy.  I'm a serious scrounger,  I like puzzles,  and I'm always up for a challenge!

There were a variety of half sewn blocks, some left over red and yellow patches, green and beige patches and some red and black fabric.  I know the middle part is not symmetrical  but that was the way the units fit together.  There was just enough to work with to make a Vet Lap Quilt (36" x 48).

I often think quilters get to bogged down in the mistakes or the symmetry and they don't see how non-quilter's view their work.   To the non trained eye a quilt may be treasured for it's beauty and cuddly qualities with little or no notice to the boo-boos and lack of symmetry.  So I just keep sewing because I think any charitable finish is a good finish!

Simple Quilting. 
Soft flannel backing!
Will always bring smiles and comfort?!
Happy Holidays!
Cheers, CW


  1. Love the cozy flannel backing. Perfect for this quilt. Nice finish to end the year and make someone smile. Happy 2017.

  2. I love your attitude about making these! The challenge of putting it together in a pleasing way would be really fun. Great finish and I would think anyone would be thrilled to be getting this!