Tuesday, January 3, 2017

One more finish before the end of the year!

 Well, yes it is Jan 3, 2017,  Happy New year Everyone!   But I did actually finish this quilt last week and deliver it and 2 other quilts to the Wheelchair Bound Vets program!
 I know I've said it before but I really like this size (36" x 48")!  It is so 'do-able'!  Just like the quilt in my last post I had just enough fabric scraps to make this size top. And the backing is just a
 1 1/3Yard length, no piecing required!
Since most of the Vets are male, I try for what I think are masculine color schemes  (I know I'm generalizing here).  Subdued?  I'm always wanting to throw in some bright color.  On this quilt I decided to control that impulse by just taking all the browns out of my Batik scrap basket and figure out a way to use them.  I was really surprised at how much I liked the result!  Just goes to show... you can get a lot of variety in any color (even brown)! LOL
I wish you all a wonderful Happy and Healthy New Year!
Claire W.


  1. What a great use of scraps! So very impressive, Claire!
    You are always such a giver! Why a gift you bestow!

  2. I seldom think of brown, but I like this a lot. That pieced strip adds just the right amount of interest.

  3. I love brown, and I LOVE that quilt! Hmm... methinks I need to take a look in that paper bag ~