Saturday, May 20, 2017

PVQA May 2017 BOM - Flying geese

Sorry for the delay on these instructions I've been traveling a lot and that makes wifi a little dicey for posting.
This is a really fun block and I've included a relatively new technique for making flying geese units 4 at a time!  I first saw this on Randy's blog (Barrister's Block) back when she was posting her first Sow-a-long.  You can make any size "geese" by adding 7/8" to the height and   
1 1/4" to the width to the finished size of the geese units that you need.  These geese units will be 2.5' x 5" -finished.
Choose colors in light to medium shades of blue, green, pink, purple, grey, black or white.  You will be making 2 sets of Flying Geese units.  For each set of “geese” choose one solid color and one print. 
The prints should be graphic:  dots, stripes, circles, zig-zags etc.  Make one set where the “geese” are solid and the background is a print and the other set will have printed “geese” and a solid background.

This is an “All From Your Stash” Block.  Two sets of “geese” units constitutes one block credit you may make up to 6 blocks = 12 “geese” units.

1-    6 ¼ ” solid square to be paired with 4-  3 3/8” printed squares
1-    6 ¼” print square to be paired with 4- 3 3/8” solid squares


To make 1 “geese” set of 4, take one of the 6 ¼” squares,place it face up on the ironing board, place two of the 3 3/8” squares on top of it, face down, as show. 

Draw a line down the middle. Pin each small square across the draw line to hold it to the large patch.  

Sew ¼” seam on each side of the drawn line. 

Cut on the drawn line between the two stitched seams
and press. Place one 3 3/8” square right side down on top of each of these units.  (refer to pic below) Draw a line on the square, pin it down and sew a ¼” on either side of the line.  Cut on the line and press.  

Each 6 1/4" square will yield 4 geese units 


Sew the 4 geese units head to tail.  Repeat the proceedure for the second 6 1/4" patch and it's four - 3 3/8" squares to produce the second set of geese.  Do not sew the 2 geese sets together.  Leave that to the lucky winner so they can mix and match to their own creative vision!

                   Have fun with this great technique and

                 Have a great weekend!  Cheers, Claire W.

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  1. Claire, this was such a useful technique to learn--- the geese come out so even! Thank you.