Monday, May 29, 2017

What did Yavonne Porchella have to do with the "Summer of Love" ?

My husband and I made a trip up to San Francisco to go to the Monet exhibit.  But due to not reading the tickets thoroughly we went to the De Young museum assuming that's where the show was.  
When we handed the ticket confirmation to the clerk he informed us that the Monet exhibit was at the Palace of Legion Of Honor!  Boy did we feel stupid!  But he said the "Summer of Love" Show was currently at the De Young and would we like to see it before going over to the Palace?!
The show was great, a real trip down memory lane!
But probably what was most fun for me was seeing a name I recognized from the quilt world!
I've been a fan of Yvonne Porcella's work from the very beginning of my interest in quilting. She's right up there with Nancy Crow and Jean Ray Laury for having helped spark the Quilt Renaissance of the second half of the 20th Century.
The show focused on the music, garments, poster and other arts and crafts as a way of illustrating this interesting time in our near past social history.

This one caught my eye before I even read the label!
And who remembers denim patchwork?!

Look at all the different fabrics she used to make this "Granny" dress!

There were many other textile and Garment makers featured.
This is about 90" square, all crocheted so creative!
The fine detail in this purse was amazing!

There were losts of great posters that looked vaguely familiar but this is the only one I really vividly remembered .  Maybe because it is soooo vivid!
An estimated 100,000 (mostly) young people came to SanFrancisco that summer of 1967 to "Turn on, Tune in and Drop out".  It was an interesting show.
Just to round things out for the 20th century we went up stairs to the Stewart Davis exhibit.
I liked his work a lot but this painting really stood out!
Then over to the Palace of Legion of Honor.
The Monet exhibit focused on his early work this picture marks the turning point into his fully formed impressionist phase.
So beautiful!

It was a lot of fun going to all these cool exhibits.  I grew up in the Bay Area and now I love being close enough to the visit the city by the Bay....
and then coming home again to our (relatively) small town of Santa Cruz.
cheers, CW


  1. WHEW! You got there just in time before the show closes. Isn't it amazing??? I loved it.
    And I'm going to get to the DeYoung to see the new exhibit soon.
    We are so lucky to live so close to such a beautiful place! of course, where we live isn't bad either!!

  2. What great exhibitions! I hadn't come across Stewart Davis before, so thanks for introducing me to someone new.

  3. I missed Monet but was able to see Summer of Love and enjoyed many of the same pieces and makers you shared here. We were unexpectadly able to catch part of a docent tour of the Stewart Davis exhibit, really fun.