Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Free Scraps, Leftovers and Orphans Blocks, Whoopeee!

 At the end of our local Guild Quilt Fair on Sunday after 2:00 PM everything left in the Bargain Garden aka Flea Market is Free!!!  I managed to Glean a rather substantial bag of Scraps, Leftovers and Orphan blocks for myself at this shopping spree!  These fabric bits 'n bobs make excellent starters for charitable quilts!
More recently we made a trip to our family cabin where I generally get in some real quality sewing time so I brought the above mentioned bag of fabric fun with me to see what I could whip up!  I had a lot of fun sorting out the various possibilities and then I got to work.
There were a fair number of yellow, white, grey and black scraps in the mix so I pulled them out and got the beginnings of an abstract thingy sewn.
Here's the pile I started with.  I pretty much used them all up so I'm going to have to supplement or go searching for some more scraps.  I was thinking maybe a checkerboard border of some kind?!
Next up I sorted out a whole pile of these leftover Triangle units.  I separated the dark bottoms from the light and paired them up and this little top popped right out!
The fabrics are really pretty but since they all have about the same scale print there's something kind of busy about the over all effect?!  But it will make a nice lap quilt.
Next up were these sunflower print strips.  There were already some of these stripy units made.  I figured "why fight it?"  
So I gathered up the rest of the strips and assembled the rest! There were also a bunch of big pieces of sunflower fabric so I cut those into big squares and threw those into the mix as well.  At first I thought the result was toooo busy, but on second viewing I think it's OK?!
Last but not least were these long patchy units.  With a few switches so's not to have two similar patches side by side I was able to put them together in no time!
This one will definitely need a couple of borders to get it big enough to be a lap size but it's not like I don't have enough fabric in my stash to accommodate?! Snicker, Snicker!
I will try to get these done quickly.  I am woefully behind on my charitable work.
These will all go to the Wheelchair bound Vets project.
I love these kinds of projects!  I can do serious sewing when pressed to the task but for fun vacation sewing nothing beats a bag of scraps!
Happy Wednesday!
Cheers, Claire W.


  1. Very fun! I've not done that sort of thing in years, but it's a really great, no-pressure way to play! Love seeing what you've come up with here.:)

  2. All neat pieces! the sunflowers are my very favorite ones...not too busy for this scrappy gal...hugs, Julierose

  3. Nice job!! Very impressive.
    I might have some scraps you can use to supplement what you got!!
    Hope to see you next week??

  4. Excellent job, Claire! I love the "busy" one you made with the paisley triangles!

    ps I'll see you at the meeting Monday night.

  5. I'm impressed too! What a way to grab some scraps and go with them! Good for you!

  6. What fun! I like all the things you did with your scraps. I love scrap bags. Using up scraps like yours is a great way to stretch one's creativity.

  7. You are such an inspiration! Great work with scraps, and heaven knows we all have lots of those.