Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Two for the road...

I have been trying to focus on getting some of these charitable tops finished so I can send them on. I've decided not to whine about bindings anymore, just put on a good movie and get them done!

This first quilt, I'm not even sure I ever posted pix of the top. It's was a little experiment involving a handful of Cotton and Steel fat quarters. I was trying to come up with a method of putting to fat quarters face to face, sewing them and cutting them to create a different grid pattern. Thus the odd shaped rectangles in the middle.  I'm not sure it was worth the effort but it's different?!
It's fun to quilt these little quilts.  I just kind of doodle around each section with a different doodle.  No stress, just play! 
 The backing is this wonderfully soft flannel plaid.  Of course it was not quite wide enough thus the extra strips in the middle.  And I bound it with a dark blue flannel that is so soft it is a delight to touch!
I posted pix of this second quilt in April when I finished the top but now it's really finished! 
Two months turn around from top to finished is pretty good for me!                    
Once again I kept the quilting really simple; wavey parallel lines through all the patches from top to bottom except for the 'focal point'.
I backed this quilt with an indigo ikat fab I've probably had for 20 years.  It makes a nice calm counter point for the bright front.
These quilts will be going to the Wheel Chair Bound Vets program (lap quilts 36" x 48").  I generally like to give them quilts in batches of 3 so I have one more to finish before they hit the road.  As I said in my last post I am very behind in my goals on my charitable donations so I'm really focusing on getting that 3rd one done this week!
We shall see...
Have a great week!
cheers, Claire W.

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  1. Congrats on the two finishes. And such a nice way to brighten a vet's day in more ways than one!