Thursday, July 6, 2017

My row by row

It is always interesting to see how shared / swap projects turn out. 
This quilt was the result of my pick of fabric for the same row by row swap that I talked about in this previous post (view here) .
After I received all my blocks I decided I did not want to arrange them in a row by row because I wanted a bed size quilt instead of a lap size quilt.  I made some more blocks and set them in scrappy squares to increase their size and the above quilt was the result.

Looking at the two quilts you can see the star, fan and nosegay blocks are the same but other than that they share little in common?! 
We had a very flexible group and we weren't going to be exhibiting the quilts collectively so it did not matter if the original guidelines of the 'row by row' were not strictly followed..

I  learned a lot by putting my quilt together.  I managed to accommodate the different size blocks by floating them in the squares. A really good trick that I have used many many of times since then!  I experimented with the range of colors used to frame each block to compliment individual blocks.  And I discovered how dynamic things look when you put them on point.
This was actually a very formative project for me!

Not all of my group friends felt that way...I think only me and one other person of the 6 participants in the group used the blocks to make quilts initially.  One person used them to make gifty potholders.  A good use but not the initial idea. (I should talk, lol).  And then this last quilt just finished after 20 years.  There are a lot of orphan blocks floating around out there...
I guess that's why I like rescued projects:  besides the free labor they tell interesting stories!
Have a great rest of your week!
cheers, Claire W.

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  1. That is a beautiful wall hanging you found with such a patriotic meaning.I really like the palette you've used in these finished quilts. That is a great idea to set your blocks in squares to increase their size to fit.