Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Thanks for the feed back!

Thanks to those who sent along there opinions regarding the background fabric on the border.  It was unanimous for the Spider Web fabric.  I was kind of leaning that way but it was real nice to get a strong response for that choice. 

Now I'm working on the middle ground between the border and the center.  I realized two things as I started to work on this part of the quilt: 1- I did not want the quilt to be just orange, black and white which is what all the fabs are to this point.  2- I was really not loving all the graphix of the companion panel that goes with the lady in the middle!
I'm not particularly superstitious but I don't think I want to have images of skulls and psycho kitties on my bed. Might make a great wall hanging but not something to sleep under?!
And even tho' it's kind of interesting, what the heck is that?  Finger puppets from the French Revolution? 
I liked the panel with the lovely ladies but I just could not figure out how to incorporate them into the patchwork.  And I wanted to include more colors.
So here's how it stands.  There's still a lot of empty space but it's starting to fill in.
I had only enough flags for three sides of the border so I put the big Happy Halloween banner at the top.
Finished all the flags around the other 3 sides...
Thanks again for the feedback!
Happy Tues!
cheers, Claire W. 


  1. I like the way you're adding green and yellow to this quilt. It adds more interest. And I love the lovely ladies. Could they be cornerstones of the border? Or you could send them to me. ;-)

    1. Thanks Ann, Maybe. They are rectangular so the geometry does not quite work but we'll see. Thanks for the suggestion. If you really like that fabric, Fabric.com still has one version of those ladies plus a lot of other great Halloween panels here's the link: Halloween fabric panels - Fabric.com . You might also try equilter.com I think they had some at one time to. cheers, Claire W.

  2. I can see that some of those images are kind of creepy; not sure I'd want to sleep under them. I like the extra colours you are adding in.