Friday, January 19, 2018

Crazy Quilt from 1904

One of the perks of being the Bargain Garden coordinator is that we get a lot of amazing donations and I get to see them and sort them before the Fair where we have an awesome Fabric Sale.  Occasionally I receive a particularly exceptional vintage top or quilt like this one.
This top has some really fabulous embroidery, it's in really good shape and some fantastic fabrics!
                                                                    Take a look.

Soooo much fun to look at and study!
When we get really fine items like this I send them on to the live auction char person.  It will get a much better price in a live auctions setting.
Happy Weekend!
Cheers, CW


  1. You are right...a lot of fun to look at and study! Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is fun to get the first peek at donations. Thanks for sharing this lovely work.

  3. The stitches are amazing! So many different varieties. What a terrific find!

  4. Lucky you, getting a good look at this before it is moved on.