Monday, April 30, 2018

New Sample for "Simple Modern Improv" class

I needed a quilty type gift for a friend who was turning 65 recently.  She has very Modern tastes in the interior design of her house so I gave her one of my Simple Modern Improv quilts.  But that left me a little short in samples for that class so I decided to whip up a few new samples!
         One multi-colored color scheme...
and one Yellow and grey  both a lot of fun to play with!
I know I'm always going on about how easy (and fun) these improv quilts are to make , but it's really true!  I take one large length of background fabric and just start adding strips to make it wider and longer then add a few accents and Voila!  A nice modern lap quilt around 54" x 65" ish quilt top emerges!  I pretty much do it all on the sewing machine with maybe a little applique.  It really is fun, fast and easy.
Happy Monday!
cheers, CW


  1. Fun! Adding this to my long list of quilts to make...

  2. Love your "formula" for modern improv! I've always gone the opposite way, making lots of little elements and then combining them. I think I'm going to be changing my ways! Thanks!

  3. For a non-modern quilt, I might take a large print that I don't want to cut and then do what you've done.