Monday, May 14, 2018

Up date on Samplers

My goal was to finish these two tops by the end of today!
My original idea was to make them identical, one in French General prints and the other Modern prints.  I had a lot of trouble getting the French General prints to play nice.  There were several that I couldn't use 'cause the prints were really large scale.  Things I would use for borders.
And I was running out of time !  I want to show these examples at guild tonight to illustrate what I want to teach in the "Basics" class.
I decided that as long as I had examples of all the lessons Between the two tops it would accomplish my goal.
So I finished the FG fabrics sample as a wall hanging.  I liked it a lot more when I added the toile as a filler.  It created a lot more interest.
And now onto the modern top...
I've got all of these units sewn together.  I just need to make one more block.  The spaces will be all neutral filler fabs like the grey dots.  So I think I can get it done before 6PM!
Wahoo! a full day of sewing!
Have a great Day!
cheers, CW

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