Sunday, December 23, 2018

More Charitable Quilts

I thought I'd show this quilt first.  I'm not a'verse to using a panel now and then for a quick gift or a charitable quilt, especially one as cute as this!  The only problem with panels is they usually come measuring 24" x 44".  Which is an odd size for a center.  Young kids quilts I generally make to be 44" x 50".  Starting with a panel that means really wide side borders and skimpy top and bottom borders.  Kind of awkward.  I made the yellow and brown stripy border and then added the cute green fabric.   That worked pretty well.
I had these two cute flannel fabrics for the back all cars and trucks to compliment the front.
Next up is a scrappy flannel quilt.50" x 60".  I made the top a long time ago.
I used some of my "I Love Lucy"  flannel in it.
It still makes me laugh!
I used a polyester blanket like material for the backing and cut it extra big so I could fold it over,  back to front to make the binding.
The quilting made some cool patterns on the back too!
I got a whole bunch of pre-cut plaid squares from the guild flea market awhile back and I made two 36" x 48" lap quilts for wheel chair bound Vets with them.  This is the second one.
I showed this top when I finished it  but I finally got it quilted!
56" x 68"
They are all really simple quilts.  I don't think quilts have to be really complicated to be enjoyed.
Happy Holidays!
cheers, CW


  1. The quilts are wonderful and I'm sure they are loved. You are amazing! Any count on your charity quilts this year? I know a high school teacher who is taking quilts for people that have been burned out of their home in the Paradise area, if you have any extras. Happy Holidays, Claire!

  2. Hey Lori! I try to make about 12 donation quilts a year, some years it's a little more and some years a little less but having that goal keeps me motivated. We have a bunch of people in our area organizing donations for the residents around Paradise. I think Randy took a load of stuff the last time she went North. Happy Holidays to you too! cheers, cw

  3. You are both generous and creative, Claire. It's too bad those panels for kids are so narrow and short. And too bad they're not created so they could be used side-by-side without looking like "twins." Even so, with such a narrow panel you quilt looks great.

    I especially love the plaid quilt!