Saturday, March 28, 2020

Virus Times

Spring continues to burst despite the C-19 virus.   Here are some spring blooms to delight and bring good cheer!
These dainty little flowers are called Spraxis sp.
They grow from a little corm (looks similar to a freesia corm only smaller). 
I planted these many years ago.  It took a while for them to establish in this garden bed but now each year they push up through the blue grass and put on a wonderful display of color. 
It seems there is no end in the variety of shades of pink, red and orange!
When the flowers are fully opened they are about 1.5" across.
They don't make very good cut flowers, they fad quickly.   But as a garden bed flower they will bloom continuously for a month or so. 
I think this blush pink might be my favorite.
We are surrounded by a lot of worry, pain and suffering right now but it's important to stop and take stock, be in the moment, and notice simple things that give us joy.
Stay well, take care, CW


  1. Your flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with those of us for whom spring is a bit late in arriving!

    1. Thank. I always feel a little guilty when I share pictures like this 'cause I know that there are lots of people who don't have our gentle climate. But every zone has it's own rewards right?

  2. I think i had some of these, Claire. I planted them around a tree in my front yard, and then proceeded to completely neglect them. At some point i dug them out (an arborist told me to remove all plants around the crown of the tree) and neglected to replant them. A few escaped the purge however, and pop up here and there in the spring. Now that i know the name, I'll have to look for some more. Thanks!

  3. They will naturalize if you leave them alone. I think your arborist friend is correct, you don't want to let dirt build up around the crown of a tree but things can grow under the tree as long as it is not to close to the crown. We periodically go around the live oaks in our yard and clean up the around the base of each tree because in the coarse of rain, gardening etc dirt can build up and sicken the tree. Live oaks take a long time to grow and a long time to die. Sometimes the build up happens and it's not noticed until it's to late!

  4. They are great flowers! I'm wondering how they'd do with the deer in Central Oregon... might be great to have some wild flowers around the cabin!

  5. I would go to the local garden center and ask what kind of Wildflower seed they recommend.
    I don't know if Spraxis will grow in that part of Oregon. That would be another question for your local garden center.