Saturday, May 16, 2020

UFO from 2011

I just finished this quilt top today!  The beginnings of this top date back to 2011.  My friend Sandy H. (My Material Creations) had made and displayed a modified 9 patch- in- 9 patch at our local Quilt Show 
( sorry I can't remember the designers name).  My friend Randy D. (Barrister's Block) saw the quilt at the quilt Show and just loved it.  She was working on top when I came to visit her for a little Winter retreat at her house in Sunriver.  I know it was 2011 because I actually found the post that Randy made about it:

 I decided to make the quilt too.  I found a print that I thought might work well for the pattern.  I just guesstimated how much yardage .  It wasn't 'til I'd made the first few blocks back home that I realized I did not have enough of the print.  Into the UFO pile it went.  

 I brought it out once or twice over the years and made more 9 patches but always stalled out due to lack of fabric to finish.   I'm not sure what prompted me to dig it out last week but I just decided I was going to take what I had and make something out of it!
                     50" x 68"
The original quilt was 7 x 7 blocks.  I managed to get enough sewn to make 3 2/3's x 5  blocks with some adjustments to the configuration.  I think it kind of captures some of the flavor of the original.  But for this Ancient UFO to finally be done I am very glad!!!!!!
I still like the fabric.
But I don't think it is as successful as the blue and white fabric that Randy used in her's.
But it's DONE!  Yeah!
I hope you are all well and safe.
Take care, CW


  1. I love your version of this quilt and the fabric is beautiful. Great finish!

  2. Thanks Nancy! I so glad I finally figured it out!! take care!

  3. Nice job on finishing this one--I like that fabric too--
    ~ ~ ~ waving from afar Julierose

  4. That is SEW pretty!! Congrats on (finally) getting the top together. Happy quilting!

    1. Thanks! Now I've just got to get it quilted and bound. lol Thanks for stopping by and take care!

  5. there's NO way that was nearly 10 years ago!! I remember when we went snow shoeing across the golf course and thought we lost our way... I'm sure you remember.
    I love what you wound up with and am extremely impressed that you stuck with it!!
    Miss you!!

    1. Maybe it feels longer to me because this project has been hanging over my head all these years?! Guilt has a way of protracting time. LOL. I remember that snowshoe adventure vividly. I knew we weren't really lost but I was sure tired afterwards!!!
      take care, xoxo cw

  6. How funny... I opened your blog and thought " that looks familiar!" I made that quilt from looking at a picture in a magazine, and it never occurred to me to give credit to the lady who designed it. It really is a brilliant pattern. I'm pretty sure I still have the magazine but it would take some digging to find it. I don't believe I ever took a picture of mine, either. Well yours is lovely, Claire! The fabric really makes it. Congrats on getting it done!

    1. Hey Sandy, I got a black and white xerox of a picture of your quilt taken at the Quilt Show from Randy. She may still have the original?! I kinda remember you telling me the name of the designer but it did not stick. take care!