Sunday, July 26, 2020

Another Diversion: Green Orphan Blocks Reach Critical Mass!

I actually Did work on the Purple Thingy this week but it's still in pieces so I won't post another picture of that!  One can only stand assembly line piecing so long before the heart cries out for a little variety.  So, I dug out one of my baskets of Orphan Blocks and realized I had accumulated enough shades of green to construct a top.  The rows are mostly assembled I just need to work out the strips between the rows and how to finish tht one central row.  Here 'tis!
These are all Real Orphan Blocks given to me by various friends and guild members.
You might not think some of these blocks could go together 
but I find the color agreement is enough to carry the design along. 
Some of the block's put together might seem awkward but I think quirky juxtapositions work when taken with the whole! 
I was also lucky to have this collection of quarter square triangles on hand.  They more less run the spectrum of greens that compliment all the greens of the other blocks and help tie everything together!
Another gift;   talk about Free Labor!
I will have this top finished in a jiffy.  This was intended to be a donation quilt but I'm liking it so much I might have to keep it!
Have a great week!
Stay Safe- Stay Healthy!
Please, Wear A Mask!!!
Take care, cw


  1. This is fun, Claire--I can see why you might want to keep it! I like the symmetry in the rows. I especially like the pumpkin block in the unusual color.

    I like your portrait, too!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I liked the addition of the pumpkin block right away. It just made things more interesting!

  2. The greens work well together to make a sampler - for sure! I agree about the masks. The vast majority of people here are wearing masks although Tokyo is seeing more cases around the bars/nightlife areas where younger people are perhaps a little less conscientious about wearing masks, avoiding crowds.

    1. Yes, it's very concerning! Because of the mixed info. about masks early on people don't get that they really do work if EVERYBODY wears them.

  3. I wouldn't blame you one bit for keeping this quilt. I'm a BIG fan of Orphan Block quilts. LOVE it!!

  4. Thanks, Me too, there's something really fun about taking old blocks and making something new with them! cheers!