Saturday, June 30, 2012

Batik Scrap Series

I organize my scraps primarily by color and / or genre' of fabric.  I have a rather diverse basket of batik fabric scraps because I have bought a variety of scrap bags off the internet.  This particular basket of scraps has given birth to a whole line of projects in recent years that have been a lot of fun to make and easy to construct.  I have a whole set of srategies to assemble said scraps which are similar to "mile a minute" scrap sewing tho' I have developed a lot of side strategies to expand that quick technique leading to more variety in sets and appearance.  I just recently finished a 3rd quilt top in this series of quilts.  They say your suppose to work in series, right?! Here they are in order of completion:
Batik Scraps# 1- 2010
Sorry that one is out of focus , but I don't have the quilt anymore to take a better snap.
Batik Scraps #2- 2011
Batik Scraps #3- 2012

I tend to quilt the scrapy parts very simply and the open areas with more pattern where it shows.

For the latest top I think the set-in blocks are a real invitation for some really fancy quilting.  I'm thinking maybe an open feather wreath.  I will have to use a stencil for this but there aren't that many blocks so it shouldn't be too overwhelming.

I love these scrapy batiks.  The colors are so vivid and almost anything goes with every other strip or patch.  It's almost like painting.  A lot of times I save this basket of scraps for when I'm just in the mood to sew without worry, like the freedom of finger painting or something?  It's fun, easy and rewarding. cheers, Claire W.

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  1. As always, I love your quilts! They are extremely inspiring. Beautiful!