Friday, April 16, 2021

More CZU quilts To-Go!

I sent off 3 more CZU quilts for the next give away the other day.  This is the latest finish.  It was a combination of two large FQ bundles that I thought looked nice together.  Purple-Green and Blue is always a pretty safe combos and one of my Favs!.

These blocks are 18" square   You can cover a lot of territory when you work with 18" blocks.  This quilt is 87" square!
I used my new favorite stipple for the quilting.  I've been calling it my the 'George Jetson' pattern.  It has kind of a Mid Century Modern vibe.  What I like about it is three fold: 
it's a good scale for these blocks (big),  
it travels through the various patches sometimes appearing and then disappearing  which makes it more interesting and probably most important it's something my brain can handle without to much effort or time!  
Once the quilt was loaded on the frame I think it only took about 3 hours to quilt!
Here's the back...
It's hard to find long enough yardage in my stash to cover the 5+ yards needed for a backing of this size.  Fortunately the flea market has gotten some nice Big yardage donations of late and I found this peacock fabric which with a few extra strips made a nice backing!
I sewed the border designs of the peacocks in the middle because they were very narrow.  On a long arm it's hard to control the outside edges (except at the top edge).  If I had put them on the edges they would not come out even.  The peacocks would probably be half cut off on one side or the other.  Details, Details!
Here's a longer stretch of the quilting at the bottom edge.  If you asked me how I do this, I couldn't tell you.  I guess it's basically a Life Time of Doodling!  
I hope you all have a wonderful safe weekend!
take care, cw



  1. I think you may win the prize for the most CZU quilts donated! I love the quilting on this and the quilt design is perfect. Brava!

  2. IMO this would definitely qualify as a two-sided quilt, as the back is every bit as beautiful as the front. (Great flea mkt finds!) I love the George Jetson doodle! Is that freehand? or do you have a pattern to follow?

    1. All free hand, It's not a pattern but more of a rhythm. It's so much easier than following a pattern and I don't think the minor changes in the lack of uniformity detract from the overall 'look'.

  3. Your quilting ie really cute and ALL YOURS, love it,