Monday, October 9, 2023

A Couple of Finishes and the Tomato Report - 2023

Hi all! 
September was such a busy Month!  Back to School, High Holy Days and we have about 10 Birthdays in the family if you include cousins and our anniversary is the 14th.  phew!
But I did manage a couple of quilt finishes.
I got this quilt top quilted!
Such pretty fabrics!  I found these blocks in the Guild Flea Market.  All I needed to do was sew and sash!
The quilting is really simple. Loops a Squigglies,  
I found this nice Flannel to go on the back.
The other finish,  I posted about last month this lap quilt to be gifted to a friend.
Quilted and bound and off to a new home!  Yahoo!

On to more serious business...

The Tomato Report!

 I did not post a Tomato Report last year perhaps the yield did not warrant it.  Sad to say I don't remember....Getting old is not for Sissies (as my mom and dad use to say)
But the Tomato season has been good this year despite the many foggy mornings.
This line-up of tomatoes was all from one plant!  The variety is called Purple Cherokee.  They have good flavor and they are nice big slicing tomatoes.  The only down size is they are 'determinate' which means the bulk of them ripen at the same time (thus the line-up below).
We enjoyed some fresh and then dehydrated the rest so nothing went to waste!
The tomatoes pictured below were picked at the same time as the Purple Cherokees (in the bushel basket).
Top left are Black cherry tomatoes.  Excellent flavor and a prolific cherry tomato.  To the right is an heirloom variety called Juliet.  Also very prolific  and very sweet flavor.  On the bottom row there's a new variety (to me) Called Brad's Black heart (more on that one below).  In the middle is my favorite cherry 
"Sun Gold ". On the lower right is another new variety to me called "Pink Berkeley".  My husband read an article on this variety and on that recommendation we planted two of this variety which turned out to be a big disappointment.  Low yield, watery flavor and tendency to splitting and mold.
Of course I've been picking tomatoes at least every other day since those pictured above.  Ya gotta keep up with the cherry tomatoes or they will make a real mess.
But here's a selection from about two weeks later:
More Black cherries, Sun Gold and one last Purple Cherokee on the left.  We got a great yeild from the Early Girl -center top,  Tho' they were not that "Early" but really good flavor!  To the right is another old heirloom tomato "Stupice"  good reliable producer and good flavor.  The funny looking one in the lower right is more Brad's Black heart.  I can't quite figure out this variety.
The fruit starts out all black, the color change is kind of subtle and it hangs on the vine even after they are fully ripe so it's hard to tell when to pick them.  But if you catch them at the right time they have really good sweet-tart flavor.
This is what they look like inside.
Well all for now.  We are off to see our G-kids in Indiana so I won't be doing much sewing.  I hope your October is going well!
take care, cw


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