Friday, January 26, 2024

Happy New Year!

Hi all!  I know it's already the 26th of January but it's my first post in the New Year soooo,  Happy New Year!  

Not alot going on around here;  but we are still here so I'm counting my blessings!  

With all the stormy weather I've been getting in a fair amount of sewing!  

In December I showed a picture of a baby quilt I was making for my daughter's baby expected in March.  My daughter is very particular and I was worried she would not like the bright colors of the quilt.  So I made this quilt from a panel that my daughter had pick out a while ago as a possibility.  She liked it!  

Then I showed her the other one and she liked that too!  So I will finish it and give it to her at her shower next month.

Next up I have two bonafide finishes!  Bound and ready to be gifted.
And two Top finishes
 This one was several years in the making. First I made a bunch of blocks and it wasn't big enough and then I ran out of certain fabrics and had to find substitutes etc. etc.
Now I'm just agonizing over the border.  What do you think the dark purple or the teal?

This quilt top didn't take nearly as long as the last quilt but it was kind of a trick getting the lights and darks balanced (sort of).
But I do love working with these yarn dyed thread plaids.  they are so soft and have endless variety!
Well I ope you are having a wonderful New Year!
take care, cw


  1. I like the teal because it doesn’t blend into the backgrounds of some blocks. Dot

  2. thanks Dot, I'm leaning toward the teal as well for the same reason! take care.