Sunday, February 28, 2016

Another finish for the Fair!

For the first time in my quilting life I actually got all my quilts finished prior to the day of drop-off.  Mind you it was only by 24 hours, but usually I'm working well into the wee hours of the morning on the day of!  LOL!  Anyway here's another quilt I have entered into the Fair.

This quilt was my attempt at an early 1800's medallion quilt.  The design / layout is a composite of several antique quilts that I have admired over the years (I will write more about that in the future).

I am a huge fan of Barbara Backman's blogs and I have followed her Stars in Time Warp series with great interest, but when it came time to choose fabrics for this quilt I decided if I could just capture the general flavor of 1800's Fab's that was good enough for me.  So there are lots of Civil War vintage fabs in there even tho' I was going for an earlier 1800's look.  Notice the Blue border is from Barbara Brackman's new series Alices Scrap Bag.  It was the perfect color complement to the rust and red/yellows of the inner border and center!
Part of what inspired me to make this was the Toile in the center.  It's a remnant I found at the guild Flea market.  It's actually a light weight upholstery fab.  But I thought it would make a good center. 
I did a lot of cross hatching type quilting on this quilt.  I intend to use it as a bed quilt so I did not want the quilting to be to heavy or busy.  With the stitch regulator on my new Longarm and a ruler I was able to make the lines reasonably uniform! 
And then there's my "comfort" doodle cursive e's and l's.  Kind of flowery but not over the top and I can do that free motion style to save time.  The quilting took me more than 20 hours!  But I'm happy with the overall effect! 
Well, I'm off to the Fair today so stay tuned for a whole lot of pix of some amazing quilts!
Happy Sunday!
Cheers, Claire W.


  1. nice Claire! I see a ribbon in your future!

  2. I do love this one, Claire!! Can't believe you (with all your experience) spent 20 hrs doing the quilting. I knew there was a reason I didn't have a long arm!!

  3. Love your wonderful medallion quilt! It really caught my eye. That yellow is a perfect spark!