Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Bees have it!

I started this post last Fall but it's been sitting in "Drafts" ever since.  I thought I would post it now since I don't really have time to write much these days.  Bees are fascinating animals.  We owe about 70% of the production of all  of our food to Bee activities.  Whether it's direct pollination of crops or the pollination of plants used by other animals for food. 

Here's a peak inside one of my hives:

I opened my Bee hives last Fall and shifted things around a bit to get them ready for the Fall weather and harvested a little honey while I was at it.  The bees got very creative on their comb formation on this frame.  You can see the square edge of the frame and normally the comb would be built straight down but because there was space to the right they built out and made this massive honey comb thingy.  So I shaved off the stuff sticking out to the right and that is what I took away as my portion.

There's a great book called "Bee Democracy"  that explains how Bee colonies work.   If only our Government could work as cooperatively as a Bee Hive!
Of course the whole thing is run by the female Bees.  I've always wondered how a female majority would do in Congress?!
Cheers, CW


  1. These are bees.
    These are bees on drugs.
    Get the picture?
    Seriously, could they be polinating the newly legalized "grows" in the area? Their comb design is certainly out-of-the-box ... no pun intended!

  2. I think cannabis is 'self pollinating. But that is an interesting question. Could bees get High from sipping nectar from certain plants?