Sunday, March 10, 2019

Another Baby Quilt

One of my dearest friends from college invited me to her daughter's is Baby Shower.   Well of course I had to make a quilt!  Claire did not want standard baby colors but she is a great lover of animals so I used that as a starting point to design her baby's quilt.
It started like this....
But that just seemed toooo busy.   I think I was working to hard at including as many animals as I could so I pared it down a little and repeated a few things and I think it was a little more together.
I spent a small fortune on these cute fabrics but now I have a lot left over for more kid quilts which will be fun!
Here are some of the fabs... 
The cat fab had to go in the center since the mother to be has a cat.
She also loves dogs so there's several kinds of cat and dog fabs...
Of course I had to get in a few nontraditional fabs in there... 

                                  And some owl fabric, we all want our children to be wise!
And since the new parents to be are both Lawyers there needed to be some nod to the importance of words and language and I actually had this cute flannel print in my stash!
I made a Tomatoe Tart for the event.  It's so easy and tasty (especially if you buy the pie dough all made) 
It's a nice switch-up from your standard quiche.
Here's the recipe. 
The Salt portion reads" 1 tsp.  1 Tbsp but it should just be 1 tsp. of Salt which is sprinkled over the tomatoes.  And bake at 450 degrees, check after 25 minutes.
Last but not least, a little repair job.
My son brought this quilt home for me to repair.  It's a baseball quilt I made for him when he was in Little League,  He was probably about 11 when I made it.  He's 25 now so it's pretty old.  Anyway he managed to poke a small hole in th black border.  By some miracle I actually had a scrap of that fabric (and knew where to put my hands on it) and I was able to repair the hole.
With a little wonder under and some invisible stitching you can hardly see the repair!
(it's right in the middle)
If you zoom in you can see it. 
It's been a fun weekend!  'Hope yours was too!
Cheers, CW


  1. I'm always up for a find-it challenge on a quilt, but I couldn't. Nice job on the repair, Claire. It looks invisible to me! I like your finished arrangement of blocks on the baby quilt. It looks fun and cuddly. And your Tomato Tart looks delicious!

  2. Your baby quilt sure turned out sweet! That Tomato Tart looks yummy. I love tomatoes.

  3. Very cute baby quilt, Claire. And the tart looks scrumptious!
    I can't believe you found that fabric patch after so many years. I could not spot the repair! Nice job!

  4. Such fun fabrics. I need to get more deliberate about buying some fun fabrics. Not my strong suit! Your cleaned up version of this quilt looks fantastic!

  5. I LOVE all these fabrics--you really scored! I like both iterations of the quilt. I'm sure Bebe will love it!

  6. What a fun bunch of fabrics - that will keep a little child happy for hours some day in the future. I can't spot the mend - nice work!

  7. Thanks to everyone for all the kind words and feedback! cheers, CW