Monday, April 8, 2013

More Scrappy Fun!

It was a rainy day last Weds, a perfect day for sewing (I  did not have to make up any excuses as to why I was not in the garden avoiding the Spring weeds!)   I was in one of those funny moods where I just wanted to sew without caution.  So I dragged out and un-sorted basket of scraps and dived in!
The amount of blue and light scraps was fairly substantial so I decided to work with those. 
I used my usual strategy of separating the strips and patches and then just start assembly line sewing, then sniping units apart.  It goes very fast.
Here's a good trick; when you have two strips that are more like wedges flip them around and you get something that approximates a rectangle without too much wastage. 
Cut in half and matched again, and you've got a nice repeating pattern. 
Here's what I got after a couple of hours of sewing. I decided I did not really like that combo.  so I pulled out the light units to save for another day and concentrated on the blue units. 
Went back to the scrap bag to find a few accent strips (the bright print and the black and white) and I've got the center of a lap quilt done in time for dinner!
...And I think I made a dent in this scrap basket!  Well maybe a little?!
I teach a class called "Scrap Strategies" using all of these techniques and more.  Check out my website for more
cheers, Claire W.


  1. The picture of all the scraps makes me want to jump in and play with you.

  2. I think you need more scraps.... I'd be happy to provide you with some more!!

  3. Scrap quilts are some of the best around, and I like how yours is coming along.

  4. Sometimes it is so much fun to sew carefree!!

  5. I'm back in business commenting and everything.
    Hmm maybe I should try that too - sort my scraps by colour.

    I would love to see how the light colours play out if you put them together. I'm sure it would be one of those quilts where you have to close up to see it's beauty because you can't see a lot from far away. Just the light colours nothing contrasting nothing distracting.

  6. great improv blocks Claire! Scraps can be very freeing...