Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Arial View Quilts

 I've seen lots of pix on Pinterest of Map type quilts so I guess it's a big thing.  Any who, after I got home from my plane ride in April I started really looking around the internet and found a wealth of pictures and ideas for Arial View Quilts.

I have at least a couple of pounds worth of green scrapes so I started to sort.  I managed to cover pretty much every available surface in my play area!

I also have this wonderful print that I've been saving for probably at lease 20 years.  I have two yards of it.  I think it will make a wonderful border!

Ive seen a lot of Arial views that are grid like but I think I would like to try for a more random view.  Kind of like what I saw from the plane.
They still have squares and rectangles of fields but it's not so N/ S and E/ W.
Even tho' the brown patches are part of the landscape in our Draught plagued part of the world I think I'm going to make it more green than brown...
Well after all that play and pondering I still have a few CZU quilts to quilt so the arial landscape will have to wait for a little while.
 Seek shade,  stay cool...
take care, cw


  1. What a wonderful project! I agree with subbing some green. Nobody said quilts had to be pictorially accurate!

  2. And you're still quilting CZU quilts?!?

  3. That looks like fun, Claire. I’ll look forward to what you create!