Sunday, June 6, 2021

Spring comes slowly

 We've had a very cool Spring here on the Central Coast of California.  Lots of morning mist and lots of 60 degrees days.  But that's OK.  With the drought and fire danger,  cool and damp is just fine with me.  Even with the cool temperatures the Spring flowers have been providing us with some wonderful displays.

Our Hawthorne tree has been really spectacular!  Normally I don't snip much from it but there was a big branch getting into the path so I took that big branch off and made some arrangements for the house.

I started with the biggest vase I own and put it in the entry way.  There were still some big pieces so I got out another big vase and made a second arrangement for the kitchen.
And there was still a couple of little branches for the family room.
The little clusters of flowers are so pretty!  They remind me of miniature roses.
Gardening takes precedent over sewing this time of year so I have not been doing much sewing but I have been trying to organize and clean my stash and quilt collection.  I have so many quilts and some of them I never use!  Some I could never part with but some I could,  so I've been culling.  These three are the latest donations.
I made this one for the cabin but I'm not real attached to it.
This one was made for a challenge.  Sometimes challenges don't turn out as you imagined them...
This last one was a block of the month that I designed for the guild.  I really like it but I have another bigger one of the same pattern I don't need them both.
In my last post I said I was searching for pictorial  fabrics from the 1800"s.  I'm still searching I will post pix of my finds next time.
Have a great week!
take care, cw


  1. Your flower arrangements are amazing! Yep downsizing ie purging is the mode of the day.

  2. Beautiful arrangements of Hawthorne branches--I'm curious how you get them to stand up in your vases. The blossoms are sensational.