Saturday, October 22, 2022

Pumpkins and Spooks and Ghosts Oh my!

'Haven't had much time for sewing lately.  My daughter got married last Thursday in our garden and I've been spending most of my time trying to make a Fall garden look good even tho' everything is brown after a long dry Summer.  But the wedding was beautiful and our daughter married a really great guy and we are all really happy with how everything turned out!

Here and there I got in a little stitching.  My daughter-in-law says  the only thing to tell everybody apart in the O.R. is their personalized caps so I always try and make her a new one in each season!  Of course I have more Halloween fabric than should be allowed but it's fun searching for just the right fabric for caps for her!

I make the caps reversible for a little more fun! 
I don't have any pix of the wedding.  I put my phone and camera away for the event so I could focus on the experience.   
I do have some pix of the Chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) which I decorated before the event started.
The color scheme was simple.  Greens with white.  Actually she wanted more green than white which made it even easier and more economical!
I used a big piece of quilter's backing muslin for the top.  It measured 75" x 98".
I also made her bouquet.
It was a beautiful day!
I hope your Fall is going well!
Take care, cw


  1. What a wonderful job you did with the Chuppah and the bouquet! And how wonderful she has found a good man! Congratulations to all! And I love the cap you made, how clever to make it reversible too.

    1. Thanks Jocelyn! It was great fun and now I can have a little rest...

  2. Oh how exciting! Randy has told me how beautiful your gardens are nd she is certainly right. Your chuppah is gorgeous. I'm sure it was a fairy tale wedding.