Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Indigo Nostalgia

Many years ago (maybe 20?) my friend Randy (Barristers Block) and I went to Houston for that big Quilt Fest (you know the one) and amongst the many (MANY) purchases I made were these beautiful indigo fabrics made in South Africa.

I bought a roll of fat eighths, a bundle of fat quarters and a few bigger pieces.   
I know they are from South Africa because on the back side of each is this...
Kind of an interesting way of marking fabric rather than printing it on the selvage?!
You can see that the cloth is actually dyed with indigo and then printed with white.  So simple yet the prints have so much variation.  It makes buying a whole bunch of them very seductive!

I did buy them with the intention of making a blue and white quilt. What could be more simple, right?
I had a picture of a quilt in mind and I did start it soon after I got home...
This is as far as I got. This is one quarter of the design.  I need to make 4 quadrants like this to make it a bed size quilt.  What stopped me was the tedium of all those HSTs!
I have quite a ways to go.,,,
I'm trying to work up the enthusiasm to jump start my sewing mojo!
Happy Nov.30!
Geez,  how time is whizzing by!
take care, cw


  1. ooh that is gonna be gorgeous...i'm envious i admit!

  2. searsportquilter@gmail.comDecember 1, 2022 at 4:31 AM

    Those fabrics remind me of our year in Nsundwana Easter Cape with a Fulbright exchange. We lived in a compound by a shop and I bought similar fabric there and made a quilt from it. I have two other patterns if you need some.

    1. Thanks so much, I think I have enough fabric LOL. It's really the energy I need to do all the sewing that I need to conjure (somehow). but thanks for the offer!!!

  3. I love those indigo prints. I have a few which I cherish. Nice to see you are actually using them!!

  4. Beautiful indigo, and a great start but if it feels really tedious.... you can change your mind and do something else!

  5. Beautiful fabrics. I'm rooting for you! These need to be used!:)