Sunday, March 24, 2024

March Report

 I popped by  Rainbow Scrap Challenge (link to the right) today and was delighted to find purple is the color of the month!  I got lots of Purple Scraps!  I've made one scrap quilt from my purple scraps before but No Surprize I Did Not use them All up. 

 I started this project before the Pandemic.  It was going to be a graduation present for my daughter-in-law.  She was studying to be a Nurse anethesist!   But with all the confusion of the pandemic there could be no Graduation Ceremony.  Kind  of an anti climax to say the least!  I lost my momentum.  But when I dug out all the scrappy units today I was happy to see I have a lot of it done.  April is Meg's Birth month.  Maybe I can finish it in time for her Birthday!

It measures about 60" by 60".  A nice size for a lap quilt.

Elsewhere in my month of sewing I managed to get 3 kid quilts finished!
Cut Space/ rocket fabric.

This one was going to be for a good friend of my daughter who's baby born at the end of Feb.  But I just didn't love it and she is a special friend and I want the quilt to be really great so ...back to the Design 
wall ! 
Lots of fun fabrics in this one.  The theme is Transportation.

My daughter has another friend who is having a baby in the Summer.  The theme for her baby's room is Whales.  I didn't have any Whale fabric hanging around.   I looked at Spoonflowers website and found some wonderful  whale prints!
Still in the design stage but it's coming along.
And that gave me the idea to look for Tiger fabric at Spoonflowers
for the other baby quilt !  the theme being Tigers.
Aso still in the design stages but I like the fabric a lot better than in my first attempt.

Of course a month can't go by without digging through my orphan blocks and seeing what I can find to entertain myself...
I think I got these blocks at the Guild Flea Market.   Just need to finish three blocks and it will be ready to sew together.

I hope you are all Well!
take care, cw


  1. Love the purple scraps lap quilt!! Really neat --such nice bits of colors...
    hugs, Julierose

  2. Thanks Julierose! I'm enjoying the scraps too!