Monday, July 19, 2021

Flannel Scraps, Hydrangeas, and other pix from the NW

 We're at my families cabin on Hood Canal for a couple of weeks. 

 Of course I brought my sewing machine and a box of scraps.  Here are a couple of layouts.  This first one I thought I'd try to use all the big scraps.  I call these "big Chunk" quilts.  It needs some messaging... 


This second one is all the bits and bobs leftover from a variety of projects.  This one needs A Lot of messaging...
It's all fun!!!!
Besides sewing ...
 The weather has been so beautiful we've really gotten out and about.
The Hydrangeas around the neighborhood are in full bloom.  They just knocks me out.   The blue is so intense and that shade of purple?!  All on one plant!
Yesterday we drove up to the top of Mt. Walker.  The road was all gravel but it was worth the bumpy ride. The road leads to two view points one on the North side and one on the South side at the top of the mountain.
From the South you can see Mt. Rainier.  I used the zoom on this shot so it appears a lot closer than it is.  The closest band of water is Hood Canal. Farther away are other parts of Puget Sound.
Here's a Pano shot of the South view.
Then we drove over to the North side.  That's Mt. Baker off in the distance and the band of blue just below it is the North end of Hood Canal.
Today we took a short hike to Murhut Falls in the Olympic Forest.
Ferns abound in misty environs of the water fall.
There were lots of these, one of my favorite ferns.  I call them five finger ferns. I don't know what the proper name is but I think they are related to maiden hair ferns.  

I hope you are enjoying your Summer!
take care, cw


  1. Oh Claire, what a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing these great photos. Have a wonderful time "massaging" your fabrics. I'm sure they will become something wonderful.

    1. Thank you Wendy! As the Prime Minister said "we shall see!" (I heard that in a movie once and thought it sounded good!

  2. Gorgeous area! I'm glad you can get out and enjoy blue, smokeless skies!

    1. Oh, ain't that the truth!!!! We have been very fortunate this visit! The weather has been beautiful and the wind must be blowing away from us. That is not always the case. We have had some pretty smokey skies on some previous Summer visits! Last Summer on our way back to Calif. HWY 5 was closed near Ashland Oregon and we we're detoured East to Klamath and then down HWY 97 to get around the fire a 9 hour travel day turned into 13 hours. What is to become of our forests?!

  3. Great photos, Claire. So nice you can vacation there year after year. Did you pick berries? Can’t wait to see those scrap quilts after you work your magic!

  4. Love those views Claire!! Hydrangeas are one of my favorite coastal flower.