Monday, September 6, 2021

Tomato Report 2021

 Well, I'm still not sewing much, but as you can see I've been in the garden!

We grew 9 varieties of tomatoes this Summer and we've gotten a pretty good yield from 6 of them!
Here's the breakdown:
SunGlow cherry tomatoes!  Pretty much every bodies favorite cherry tomato around here.  Great flavor, consistent high yield and season long producer!
Carmello,  classic tomato shape, good flavor and producer.
Yellow Brandywine, Big flavorful tomato!  Not always the best producer but this year I harvested at least a dozen of these beauties with a promise of a few more to come!
Stupice,  This is a true Heirloom variety,  there small only a little bigger than a golf ball but they have great flavor and they are prolific!  They are earlier than the Early Girls and keep producing 'til it gets cold in the Fall.  One of my personal all 'round favorites!
Mortgage Lifter (what a funny name)  
these are really big tomatoes the one on the left must weigh more than a pound!  They generally have pretty good shape and flavor and one slice will cover a whole sandwich!
Black Cherry (I put the SunGlow next to it so you can see the size difference).  These are one of my Husband's favorites.  They are much later than the SunGlow so it's nice to have an end-of-season variety like this.  Plus they are excellent for making Cherry Tomato tarts!
It is a great recipe!  And a good way to use up a lot of cherry tomatoes!  
Whatever else we can't eat will be shared with friends or go into the dehydrator.  Nothing will be wasted.
 We are so very fortunate to have space, sun and water to grow these yummy tomatoes!
Happy Labor day
take care, cw


  1. Wow what a great variety of tomatoes! I remember one you gave me a long time ago called Hippy Stripe or something? Incredible flavor! I planted one of those Sun Golds in my front yard one year, then one day I caught my neighbor pilfering, so I bought him a Sun Gold plant of his own. You have a marvelously green thumb!

  2. That was very gracious of you Sandy and probably a smart move since once you've tasted a Sun glow you kinda hooked!

  3. wow what a harvest...pea green here....cherry tomatoes $3 half pint at farmer's market....they look luscious!

  4. Yes! I feel for the local Farmers. Just my little patch is a lot of work but the farmers market prices are pretty expensive. But definitely better tasting than the corporate produce! Another reason I'm glad I have room to grow some of my own veggies!