Monday, January 2, 2023

Rainy Day Special

Happy New Year!  

We had a pretty low key turning of the Year.  It's been raining a lot so going out is not so enticing but that's just fine by me.

 The good news is lots of rain means lots of sewing!   My personal favorite excuse for staying inside, warm and cozy;  to sew!  Since my last Post (about a week ago) I managed to piece most of that top I started..,  

And Put a binding on the quilt I showed in my last post ...

And  Yesterday I started another new project.   I know, that's more Starts than Finishes!  But the Planning is just so much fun!   Anyway,  I dug deep into my box of Orphan blocks and found this collection of blue blocks and scraps.  It seemed there were enough blocks and scrappy units to make a Vet sized quilt (36" x 48").

   Another thing I love about working with orphan materials is that once you've decided on the layout,  the assembly is soooo much easier!   Half (or more) of the cutting and sewing is already done!
So this morning when I came back to my sewing room I got right to sewing and finished the center before lunch!
It's a little smallish;  26"  x  40".  I need to figure out some borders...
And then just for giggles...
I put up some more orphan blocks; just to play with!
Happy New Year!
take care, cw

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